Hastings Catalog

01 – Hot Sticks & Cutters n Telescopic Sticks n Disconnect Sticks n Tree Trimmers n Measuring Sticks n Body Rescue Hook Sticks n Ratchet Cutters n Cable Slicers n Lamp Changer Poles n Pike Poles n Wire Cutters n Bolt Cutters n Telescopic Handle Cutters n Straight Sticks n Shotgun Sticks n Guy Strand Cutters n Hot Sticks for Battery Tools n Camera Mounted Sticks 02 – Hot Stick Accessories n Various Universal Tools n Conductor Cleaning Brushes n Tagging Tools n Hold Card Clamp n Fuse Pullers n Fuse Claw/Fuse Cup n Spray Can Holder n Hot Stirrups 03 – Conductor & Personnel Support n Wire Tongs n Temporary Cross Arms n Saddles n Temporary Dead End Arms n Link Sticks n Conductor Support Arms n Ladders n Insulated Platforms n Extension Arms 04 – Grounding & Jumpering Equipment n Ground/Jumper Clamps n Ground Mats n Underground n Grounding/Jumper Cables n Jumper Holders n Elbow Pullers n Ferrules n Load Pick-up Tools n Duct Rodders n URD Grounding n Truck Grounding Reel 05 – Instruments n Hot Stick Tester n Ammeter n Ground or Jumper Assembly Tester n Wireless Phasing Meter n Voltage Detector n Regulator Neutral Detector n DC Hipot Adapter n Transformer & Capacitor Tester n Fault Indicator n Hot Line Indicator n Digital Voltage Phasing Meters 06 – Cover Up n Cross Arm Guards n Pole Guards n Rubber Blankets n Line Guards n Insulator Hoods 07 – Truck Accessories n Lights & Holders n Tool Bags n Safety Lanyards n Tool Boards n Flag Kits n Lift Arms n Canister Kits n Barricades n Jib Adapters n Tool Trays n Hot Stick Trailer 08 – Rigging & Lifting Equipment n Hoists n Blocks n Slings n Grips n Gins n Ropes 09 – Care & Maintenance n Cleaning Products n Repair Parts n Parts Break Down Pages hastings@hfgp.com | 269.945.9541 | www.hfgp.com Trusted by crews around the world. Click on any product/category to view full specifications and details. 195 9 – 2 02 3