Hastings Catalog

Phone: 269.945.9541 • Fax: 269.945.4623 • www.hfgp.com • Email: hastings@hfgp.com PO Box 218, 1301 W Green Street, Hastings, Michigan 49058-0218 These products are for trained professionals only. 07/18 SAFETY / STANDARDS Safety: Isolating a worker from hazardous voltage is a serious business and one in which Hastings prides itself in being a leader. From the raw material we purchase to the processes and equipment used to shape the material, to the procedures and standards used to make and test the final product, Quality is the first requirement. Our fiberglass is the finest quality in the industry, made in the USA, will withstand 100KV per foot, will not absorb moisture, and is very durable. Standards: We manufacture our product to meet a variety of industry standards including ASTM, IEC and OSHA. While OSHA is the only required standard, we test to the specifications of all these standards. Quality: We pride ourselves with the quality of our service and our products. Our fiberglass is just one product line that exemplifies this level of commitment to quality. In the case of hot line tools, an issue with quality could relate directly to a safety issue and therefore cannot be tolerated. Material: All the glass used in our product is electrical grade. Our resins are selected for the best properties of UV resistance, moisture resistance, strength, dielectric properties, and light weight. Our incoming raw material is tested, additional test occur during production, and the completed fiberglass pole is tested. Testing doesn’t make the product better, it verifies that the product is consistent from run to run and will perform as expected in the field. Experience: Hastings works closely with the utility industry in solving application problems and providing training in the proper use of our equipment. Through our close contact with our customers, we stay in touch with their needs and this guides our efforts at future product designs. Hastings also participates with the development of industry standards. 2