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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Hastings

How do I buy HASTINGS products?

All electric utility companies have net 30 day terms. Or, you can send a check, use VISA or Master Card. Or, call the factory and we can route you through a local distributor.

What are your Hot Sticks "Rated" for?

We do not offer or supply a working "rating". We as a manufacturer of Hot Line Tools are required to test all fiber glass tools per OSHA/ASTM F711. In essence this rule states that all newly manufactured Hot Sticks must be able to withstand 100KV (100,000 Volts) for 5 minutes.

Does HASTINGS offer demonstrations of their tools?

Yes, we have (5) trailers and (4) "factory demonstrators" that travel the country showing our tools.

My Hot Stick will not pass the electrical test?

The OSHA in service test requires that all fiber glass tools in-service be tested once every two years. The test must be done @ 75KV (or equivalent) and under wet conditions. To properly test your tools under these conditions, your hot sticks must be "clean and glossy". To accomplish this; "cleaning and waxing" of your hot sticks will probably be required to have your sticks pass any electrical test.

Hot Stick and Maintenance Video

Is HASTINGS ISO 9000 certified?

Yes, effective May, 1998, HASTINGS became ISO 9001 certified.

How do I become a HASTINGS distributor?

Contact the factory and a representative will put you in touch with the Mfg. Rep. in your territory for you to discuss becoming a distributor.

Where is HASTINGS located?

Directions from Chicago to Hastings Fiber Glass Products, Inc.

  • Take I94 east to highway 131 exit.
  • Turn north on 131 (right hand clover leaf exit).
  • Go north approximately 27 miles to exit 61.
  • This is marked as the Hastings exit. Depending on the map you may be using, the highway may be labeled as Chief Noonday road, A42, or M179.
  • Go east (right) on M179 approximately 16 miles until it ends at M43. Turn left (continue east). At the second traffic light (less than a mile) turn right on Green Street. Take Green Street approximately 1/4 mile, and Hastings Fiber Glass Products will be on the right.

Directions from Detroit (I94) to Hastings Fiber Glass Products, Inc.

  • Take I94 west to Helmer Road.
  • Turn north on Helmer Road and follow it past the airport. You make a quick jog at the corner of the airport (on Dickman) but stay on Helmer.
  • Helmer will turn into M37 at a traffic light. No turn is necessary.
  • Stay northbound on 37 to Hastings.
  • M37 will turn west (left) at a caution light. This street is also called Green Street.
  • Stay on Green Street for approximately 1 1/2 miles. Hastings Fiber Glass Products will be on your left, next to Consumers Energy.

Directions from Lansing to Hastings Fiber Glass Products, Inc.

  • Take M43 (may be labled as Saginaw Highway from the expressway) west all the way to Hastings.
  • At the second traffic light, (corner of the court house) turn right (west) to stay on M43.
  • Take M43 to the stoplight past Wal-Mart, and turn left on Green Street Hastings Fiber Glass Products will be 1/4 mile down Green Street on the right.

Directions from Grand Rapids to Hastings Fiber Glass Products, Inc.

  • Take M37 south until it meets M43 just outside Hastings.
  • Turn left M37 and M43 (east). Turn right at the next stop light (before Wal-Mart) onto Green Street Hastings Fiber Glass Products will be 1/4 mile down Green Street on the right.

Does HASTINGS refinish hot line tools?

No, because of the long amount of time to clean, sand, refinish, and test, we do not offer a "refinishing" service. We can route you though one of several "test and repair centers" centrally located around the country.

Hot Stick and Maintenance Video

How does HASTINGS ship their products?

We ship via UPS, FedEx, Truck Freight, and Air Freight. We ship the most economical method or per the customer's requirements.

I just want to buy a hot stick; what do you recommend?

We need to know several things before we can make a recommendation:

  • What will you be using your stick for?
  • How long of a stick do you need?
  • Do you prefer one solid, fixed length stick?
  • Do you prefer a sectional style stick that snaps together?
  • Do you prefer a telescopic style stick?

Answer these questions and we can recommend a model for you.

How often should our hot sticks be tested?

OSHA requires that all hot line tools be tested every 2 years (24 months).

What length of hot stick do I need for my high voltage system?

OSHA has published clear hot stick working clearances for different voltages. The clearances at present are below.

Nominal voltage in kilovolts phase to phase Phase to ground (ft-in) Phase to ground (m) Phase to phase (ft-in) Phase to phase (m)
0.05 to 1.0 (4) (4) (4) (4)
1.1 to 15.0 2-1 0.64 2-2 .66
15.1 to 36.0 2-4 0.72 2-7 0.77
36.1 to 46.0 2-7 0.77 2-10 0.85
46.1 to 72.5 3-0 0.90 3-6 1.05
72.6 to 121 3-2 0.95 4-3 1.29
138 to 145 3-7 1.09 4-11 1.50
161 to 169 4-0 1.22 5-8 1.71
230 to 242 5-3 1.59 7-6 2.27
345 to 362 8-6 2.59 12-6 3.80
500 to 550 11-3 3.42 18-1 5.50
765 to 800 14-11 4.53 26-0 7.91

Footnote(1) These distances take into consideration the highest switching surge an employee will be exposed to on any system with air as the insulating medium and the maximum voltages shown.

Footnote(2) The clear live-line tool distance shall equal or exceed the values for the indicated voltage ranges.

Footnote(3) See Appendix B to this section for information on how the minimum approach distances listed in the tables were derived.

Footnote(4) Avoid contact.

Individual work rules may require more clear distance.

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