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HOT LINE INDICATOR • Designed for distribution use • Verify line conditions/voltage prior to use with an audible signal plus flashing lights • The audible signal is 90 decibels, and banks of red lights flash intermittently to warn the operator of voltage potential • Incorporates a single push button on-switch that is timer oriented and will automatically shut the unit off after a period of inactivity • Each time the Hot Line Indicator is turned on, the model will run through a pre-programmed test cycle and a green pilot light will remain on, indicating the unit is operating properly • Includes a wide range of pre-set voltage levels (600V, 2000V, 7000V, 11000V), which assist the op- erator in determining whether full line voltage or a lesser voltage is present • Include 2” diameter hook for contacting conductor and switch gear. Unit comes with a universal fit - ting and must be attached to an approved hot stick or hot line tool before use. • Includes carrying case • Operates on 9-volt battery - also included • Bushing adapters available for 6701. For URD applications. CAT NO DESCRIPTION LBS 6701 0-46KV HOT LINE INDICATOR COMPLETE WITH CARRYING CASE, BATTERY, CONDUCTOR HOOK, OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AND SAFETY GUIDE 3.7 6701-1 SAME AS 6701 EXCEPT WITH A LARGER STORAGE CASE FOR STORING BUSHING ADAPTERS 4.2 266 BUSHING ADAPTER FOR 15KVAND 25KV LOADBREAK BUSHING ALSO ADAPTS TO ELASTIMOLD 35KV BUSHINGS 1.5 267 RTE 35KV BUSHING ADAPTER 1.8 INSTRUMENTS Phone: 269.945.9541 • Fax: 269.945.4623 • www.hfgp.com • Email: hastings@hfgp.com PO Box 218, 1301 W Green Street, Hastings, Michigan 49058-0218 These products are for trained professionals only. 04/22 504 267 266 6701