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IMPACT STYLE ELBOW PULLER • Designed to provide operating personnel a tool for safely removing and installing elbows on transformers and switch gear • Positive latch fiberglass operating rod is spring loaded and locks the gripper securely to the elbow by rotating the tool to the right. This positive latch feature allows the operator to position the elbow in either direction once the elbow is pulled without loosening its grip. After the elbow is positioned in its proper place, the gripper is released by pulling the operating rod towards the operator and rotating to the left. • Slide handle is used to impact elbow away from bushing. The slide weight can also be utilized to “seat” the elbow in its normal position by impacting the slide handle towards the elbow. The slide handle weighs 5 pounds and is plastisol coated. Painted grit is used on hand area to provide positive grip. • The elbow puller can be ordered with a torque handle feature factory installed. This feature allows the operator an opportunity to break the seal between the elbow and bushing insert before attempting to remove the elbow. Handle is spring loaded for storage purposes. Grippers are not included. CAT NO DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONAL REFERENCE LBS CASE A* B 5326 4’ ELBOW PULLER W/O GRIPPER 48 1/2” 11 1/2” 10.0 01-016 5327 6’ ELBOW PULLER W/O GRIPPER 72” 36” 10.5 05-821 5328 8’ ELBOW PULLER W/O GRIPPER 96” 59 1/2” 11.0 05-822 5326-1 4’ ELBOW PULLER W/TORQUE HANDLE 48 1/2” 11 1/2” 11.0 01-016 5327-1 6’ ELBOW PULLER W/TORQUE HANDLE 72” 36” 12.0 05-821 5328-1 8’ ELBOW PULLER W/TORQUE HANDLE 96” 59 1/2” 13.0 05-822 NOTE: RUBBER GLOVES ARE REQUIRED WHEN USING CATALOG NUMBER 5326 OR 5326-1 ON ENERGIZED CIRCUITS *DIMENSION A IS SHOWN WITHOUT GRIPPER. OVERALL LENGTH W/GRIPPER VARIES ACCORDING TO GRIPPER WHEN ATTACHED. INTERCHANGEABLE GRIPPERS FOR ELBOW TOOLS CAT NO DESCRIPTION LBS 5330 15KV ELBOW GRIPPER 2.6 5331* 25KV ELBOW GRIPPER 3.2 5332** 35KV ELBOW GRIPPER 3.8 *ALSO FITS ELASTIMOLD 35KV LOADBREAK ELBOW. **FITS RTE 35KV LOADBREAK ELBOW ONLY. Phone: 269.945.9541 • Fax: 269.945.4623 • www.hfgp.com • Email: hastings@hfgp.com PO Box 218, 1301 W Green Street, Hastings, Michigan 49058-0218 These products are for trained professionals only. 07/18 421 GROUNDING AND JUMPER EQUIPMENT 5327 5326-1 5331