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SUBSTATION GROUNDING SET AND GROUND LIFTING TOOL • The below listed tools enable operating personnel the capability of grounding de-energized substations safely and easily with use of the ground lifting tool. • Two ranges of ground clamps, both have bolted type pressure terminals. • Ground clamps are mounted on an 1 1/4” X 8’ fiberglass pole. The bottom end of the clamp mounted pole has a fiberglass male splice to allow extension sections to be added to meet the required height for applying the ground set. • The ground lifting tool has a universal end and is supplied with a large opening “C” hook that is coated for protection. It comes complete with handline block, adjustable block clamp and 50’ of 3/8” polypropylene rope. The hook and block clamp are mounted on an 8’ fiberglass pole with a male splice on the bottom end to allow additional lengths of extensions to be added as required. CAT NO DESCRIPTION MAIN LINE RANGE MAXIMUM MAIN LINE RANGE MINIMUM MAXIMUM CABLE SIZE MAXIMUM FAULT CURRENT RATING LBS 13761 GROUND CLAMP MOUNTED ON 8’ FIBERGLASS POLE WITH MALE SPLICE ON BOTTOM END 3” DIA BUS OR CABLE 6 STR 18 DIA 4/0 54KA@ 15 CYCLES 39KA@ 30 CYCLES 7.2 13762 GROUND CLAMP MOUNTED ON 8’ FIBERGLASS POLE WITH MALE SPLICE ON BOTTOM END 6.625 DIA BUS 1/0 STR .398 DIA 4/0 54KA@ 15 CYCLES 39KA@ 30 CYCLES 8.5 13763 GROUND LIFTING TOOL COMPLETE WITH “C” HOOK, HANDLINE BLOCK AND CLAMP, 50’ OF 3/8” POLYPROPYLENE ROPE INSTALLED ON A 8’ FIBERGLASS POLE WITH MALE SPLICE AT BOTTOM END 8.0 NOTE: 1 1/4” EXTENSION AND BASE SECTIONS CAN BE ADDED FOR ADDITIONAL LENGTHS, SEE PAGE 107 GROUNDING AND JUMPER EQUIPMENT Phone: 269.945.9541 • Fax: 269.945.4623 • www.hfgp.com • Email: hastings@hfgp.com PO Box 218, 1301 W Green Street, Hastings, Michigan 49058-0218 These products are for trained professionals only. 07/18 407 13761 13762 13763