Hastings Catalog

FUSE CLAW • Designed for installing, removing, and changing out cutout fuse barrels • Cradle design to stabilize fuse barrel during lifting • Cradle is reversible so hook can be adapted for right handed or left handed operation • Spring loaded tabs to hold fuse barrel in place and minimize movement • Fiberglass dielectric main body • Standard universal fitting for use with all tel-o-poles and universal sticks • Designed to fit/install standard 100 amp cut-out fuse barrels CAT NO DESCRIPTION LBS 10-082 FUSE CLAW 0.9 FUSE CUP • Holds 100 amp and 200 amp fuse barrels from any manufacturer • Simplifies capturing the fuse barrel for quick and easy fuse removal and installation • Fiberglass material eliminates potential hazards of flashover when removing or installing fuse tubes • For greater strength the aluminum prong is sealed and covered with the fiberglass reinforced nylon • HASTINGS Safety-Yellow color makes the Fuse Cup easy to see in all light conditions CAT NO DESCRIPTION LBS 10-094 UNIVERSAL FUSE CUP 0.3 Phone: 269.945.9541 • Fax: 269.945.4623 • www.hfgp.com • Email: hastings@hfgp.com PO Box 218, 1301 W Green Street, Hastings, Michigan 49058-0218 These products are for trained professionals only. 07/18 212 HOT STICK ACCESSORIES 10-082 10-094