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Hastings' Truck Grounding Reel Makes Grounding Vehicles Fast and Easy

June 1, 2011

Hastings has brought to the industry a pair of ground cable storage reels that offer convenience, smooth operations, compact size and rugged design.

Truck grounding reels, both manufactured and home-made units, have been around for a long time, yet the quality and features available have not improved greatly until now. Hastings, working with another leading manufacturer in the field of industrial cable retracting reels, has brought to the industry a pair of ground cable storage reels that offer convenience, smooth operation, compact size and rugged design.

Installation is quick and easy. The reel is bolted to the truck and a short jumper completes the electrical connection between the reel and truck. The mechanical connection can be made where it is most convenient and still allow the electrical connection to be located at a position optimum for minimizing voltage drop on the particular truck being outfitted.

Once installed, the lineman needs only to pull the cable off the reel and make connection to the neutral or ground as dictated by his company's work procedures.

At the completion of the job, the automatic rewind spring on the reel will quickly store the cable, allowing the linesman to spend more time on other duties. The cable, once stored on the reel, is protected from the mechanical abuse that would occur if stored with other equipment in a bin.

The smaller, more popular model (Cat #21362) will store up to 40 feet of cable and can be supplied or used with #2 1/0 or 2/0 grounding cable. This reel has been tested to 27,000 amps for 15 cycles, which is the maximum fault current rating for 2/0 cable.

A larger reel (Cat @21366) is available when longer lengths of cable or 4/0 cable size are required. This reel will carry a maximum of 65 feet of #2 cable or 50 feet of 4/0 cable. It has been tested to 43,000 amps for 15 cycles, which is the maximum for 4/0 cable.

The contacts are sealed in a weather-proof, tamper-proof housing. Instructions for inspecting these contracts, along with electrical specifications are included in the operating instructions/repair part book that is included with each reel.

The rewind spring is enclosed for protection from dirt and weather for longer like. If the cable needs to be removed or replaced, this can be accomplished without removing the reel from the truck. Both reels can be supplied complete with cable and clamps for easy installation.

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